Support for building a team

FMC:n jäsenet Tommi, Tomi ja Paavo

Multifaceted skills and knowledge are needed within a team. One person can have many skills, but only few people know everything that is necessary to run a startup business. Business Mill can help you build a good team.

You may have worked on your business idea for a long time, but carrying the idea forward would require more wide-ranging knowledge. We provide an extensive network of experts to help the entrepreneur find the key people for their team. The Skinnarila campus is a home of experts and future high achievers from various fields, which opportunity should be utilized wherever possible.

Building the team

Together with the owner of the idea or entrepreneur, we outline the situation and define what skills and talents are needed. We help to search for new team members in our networks of businesses and other organizations in the South Karelia region, as well as among university students and staff. The extensive, diversified network provides contacts to people who have the knowledge and skills that will benefit you and your business.

”Students may find it difficult to see how team members who “hang around” influence business development.”

Students, especially, can benefit from support with building a team. A student of one field may need experts from another field to be part of the team. Without the right kind of a team, the business will not evolve or grow. Students may find it difficult to see how team members who “hang around” influence business development. Business Mill connects experts and students and gives tips for creating an effective team.

Tomi Asikainen built his team with the help from Business Mill

Tomi Asikainen, a student at LAB University of Applied Sciences, got help from Business Mill when searching for the right people for his team. He specified the job requirements and what type of people he was looking for. Kaisa Vainikka from Business Mill searched in her networks and suggested a few candidates for the jobs. Tomi’s team grew by two students, providing just the right knowledge and skills that Tomi needed. Cooperation has been smooth when, besides the skills base, also their personal chemistry matched.

”Our team has taken the business forward in giant leaps”

Tomi says that it was easier to look for help from the inside rather than from the outside. Kaisa knew, from earlier contacts, where Tomi’s business came from and where it was at that time. Tomi has actively worked on the business idea for a long time. He recommends to frequently visit different occasions and events. Networking events are useful. Tomi, too, made his first contact with the new team members at the Yritä nyt ees event, which was organized by Business Mill together with Cooperative Sirius.

Tomi points out how important it is for the entrepreneur to keep the aims in mind, and to be aware who to listen to and to what extent. New contacts emerge when you get to know people. Two sets of skills are better than one, and our team has taken the business forward in giant leaps.