Open House Tour

Open House Tour

The Open House Tour event on the Lappeenranta campus aims to bring together the service providers and students interested in entrepreneurship on the campus. In autumn 2022 the event was organised for the second time, and we were involved in the organisation together with LUTES (LUT Entrepreneurship Society).

The event gathered around 150 students and ten service providers from different sectors. Among the service providers, LUTES, JHC, LUT Invest, Business Mill, Xplorer & EIT, Saitemia, Etelä-Karjalan Osuuspankki, GastroBar Saimaa, and TEK-Lounge presented their activities.

Kuva 1. Syksyn Open House Tour -tapahtuma kokosi parisataa osallistujaa korkeakouluista ja yrityksistä. Tapahtumassa voi kiertää rastilta rastille. (Kuva: Eetu Karppinen)

The idea behind the event

At the Lappeenranta LAB campus, we have realized that information about opportunities on campus is not reaching both sides. There is a wide variety of organisations, businesses, and services available to help our students, but unfortunately, often the information does not reach the target audience.

Based on this, an Open House Tour event was developed to bring together students interested in entrepreneurship and the organisations at the Lappeenranta campus, and thus introduce these organisations to the students. In the Open House Tour, the organisations hold various info points around the campus, where they present their activities in their preferred way. Students visit these info points in the style of an appro event, collecting stamps for their event pass and receiving an overall badge at the end of the event.

Both parties benefit

The Open House Tour is designed to benefit both students and participating service providers. Students gain new knowledge and businesses gain potential new customers.

Kuva 2. Jamie Hyneman -keskus kiinnosti kävijöitä. (Kuva: Eetu Karppinen)

LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences inspire their students to develop an entrepreneurial attitude by encouraging them to challenge themselves and be brave enough to develop and try out their own ideas. Despite the wide range of services on the Skinnarila campus, the problem can be a lack of knowledge about the services available to students.

For service providers, the Open House Tour is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the activities of different organisations and the services they offer to help students. The organisations get more demand for their services and new perspectives directly from students.

The future of the Open House Tour

The feedback collected during the Open House Tour suggests that the event was useful and informative. The event will continue to be organised in the future and, where possible, will be further developed according to the participants’ wishes, for example by increasing the number of info points for different organisations and by making students more aware of different services. One wish was to increase the visibility of the event in order to further increase the number of participants and the benefits of the Open House Tour.



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