Funding possibility for students - money available up to 5000 euros

Rahoitusmahdollisuus opiskelijoille

Are you student of LAB University of Applied Sciences or do you have at least one student from Lappeenranta's Campus?

Now you have a chance to apply money for developing ideas further. The funding is intended to facilitate the experimentation of product and service ideas and the production of prototypes. The funding is a part of Yrittäjäksi Otsakorven tuella -project.

If you apply for the first time, include at least the following things in your application:

  • basic description of the idea
  • project plan of using the money: a clear idea for the developing of a business idea with the help of financing - the money is intended to support market testing and customer acquisition

In the first round, you can apply 1000-2000 euros depending on the well-justified costs included in the plan.

If you're applying additional funding, the application must have the same content, but it should include previous results and the necessary additional investment in development work. In the second round, you can apply money from 1500 to 3000 euros.

You can apply also for the third time, but in that case, the reasoning must be very strong. In the third round, you can apply for money max. 5000 euros.


Request for additional information and applications to Kaisa ( no later than 31.1.2022. 

Applications are considered by a panel of LAB and Business Mill staff. The processing time is about two weeks.