Corona help: Key players have joined forces in South Karelia

Alueesi korona-apu

Corona help for entrepreneurs as of Monday 23 March 2020

Key players in South Karelia have joined forces in cooperation that crosses the municipal boarders. These key players are the Wirma – City of Lappeenranta business advisory services, South Karelia Entrepreneurs Association, Business Mill, and Imatra Region Development Company Ltd (Kehy).

We have agreed on joint use of resources and extended opening hours in customer service. Besides moral support, the business advisers provide help with finance arrangements, use of digital tools, defining the current situation, prioritizing, and employment issues. You can prepare a short- or long-term plan together with an advisor


In this exceptional situation, several parties have made a commitment to be flexible as regards various payments. We recommend that you contact, in good time before the due date, the sender of the invoice and the bank. Concerning YEL insurance, i.e. entrepreneur’s employment pension insurance, contact your insurance company. If you are facing cashflow problems, we do not recommend quickie loans or other such sources of funding. The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Suomen Yrittäjät, provides extensive information on financing, adapting of operations and contractual issues at Corona virus – frequently asked questions and answers for entrepreneurs. The Enterprise Finland Talousapu’s free counselling service assists during weekdays at 9am to 4pm.

Contact us:

If you are not certain how to act and want to talk about your situation, call us on weekdays at 9am to 7pm or Saturdays at 10am to 4pm.

Lappeenranta region: Wirma – City of Lappeenranta business advisory services, tel +3585 616 3000  

Imatra region:

Imatra Region Development Company Ltd, tel. +3585 235 2220  

Calls to the above phone numbers are directed to business advisors at Wirma, South Karelia Entrepreneurs Association, Business Mill, and Imatra Region Development Company Ltd. All messages sent via email or online contact forms are processed within 24 hours. One option is to contact the entrepreneur’s own business advisor.


Business advisors’ direct contact informatio

Wirma – City of Lappeenranta business advisory services

Pirjo Kuuluvainen, tel. 040 573 3870

Sampo Vehviläinen, tel. 040 503 1010

Antti Tuomaala, tel. 040 065 8203

Jose Piironen, tel. 040 158 7719

Anni Peltola, tel. 040 835 0036

Katja Tyrisevä, tel. 040 661 9975

Business Mill, LAB University of Applied Sciences (in all South Carelia region)

Mikko Ojapelto, tel. 050 512 1853

Eero Seppälä, tel. 040 828 9410

Vesa Punkka, tel. 040 7123735


South Karelia Entrepreneurs Association (for members)

Jami Holtari, tel. 040 055 1435

Pasi Toropainen, tel. 050 495 6888

Tarmo Soronen, tel. 040 018  7864


Imatra Region Development Company (Kehy)

Antti Oravuo, tel. 040 721 1310

Sven Langbein, tel. 045 269 2000

Miia Ruohio, tel. 044 553 0021

Jari Tamski, tel. 044 721 3037

Katja Vehviläinen, tel. 044 717 7991


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