Business Mill’s concept and strengths

Business Mill’s concept and strengths

The Business Mill incubator launched operations in October 2018, the opening ceremony was held in December 2018.

A lot has been going on, we have launched the activities successfully. This is a brief review of what has taken place in over a year, and what is our way of operating. 

Business Mill is a unique business services provider 

What makes us different from other Finnish players in this field is that our services are available to all clients in the South Karelia region, and that we provide them with access to the knowledge base in the university campus in Skinnarila.

”We at Business Mill are professional, easy to approach and extremely well networked. Together with the client, we design a service package tailored to their needs.”

In over a year we have had more than 120 clients. Our work starts with assessing the client’s situation and needs. Together with the client, we draw up a plan to develop their business and find out who are the best professionals to work with them. We communicate actively with the client and support them throughout their journey.

Mikko Ojapelto, Head of Business Mill, tells that cooperation with the students in the campus, for example the marketing cooperatives, LUTES and Firmatiimi, has been managed well. The smooth cooperation is reflected beyond the campus area, too. 

”We have established our position here in the South Karelia region, and are working effectively together with our stakeholders, including all business service providers and financiers. We have started off very well.”

–Mikko Ojapelto, Head of Business Mill 

Business emerging from students’ knowledge and skills

Many of the students here in Skinnarila come from the capital region or abroad. South Karelia offers good opportunities for starting a business after graduation. We at Business Mill want to encourage students to stay here and give them practical support.

”Henkaus Oy is an example of the processes that Business Mill has accomplished. Henkaus has brought together students, international activities, the latest academic knowledge, and local entrepreneurs.”   

Client review: Henkaus Oy

A good example is Henkaus Oy, which is a startup that emerged from an idea based on the high level of skills and expertise of international students from LUT University. Henkaus has developed a device that monitors, screens and analyses inactive respiratory diseases such as asthma and sleep apnea. This is device is unique as it does not need to be attached to the person who is examined, unlike the other devices on the market.

During the process, Business Mill brought clients in contact with each other, which resulted in two serial entrepreneurs beginning to take the students’ idea forward as investors and active agents.

”This clientship was particularly successful as we linked the right people together and created a good team. The team work well together, and the business has potential for international growth.”

Henkaus is a classic example of our processes. We have cooperated tightly throughout the clientship, which is what we aim for. Since the first meeting, we have communicated and met frequently. Henkaus is in the early stages as a business. The next five years will show what direction Henkaus takes.

”Without Business Mill, Henkaus Oy, the team and funding, or this opportunity to do great things would not exist.”

We at Business Mill are proud of having brought Finnish and non-Finnish professionals together to set up a business, as well as being able to organise residence permits, Finnish Startup Permits, for the non-Finnish members of the Henkaus team. Only 23 of such permits had been granted by the end of September 2019.

”When you have an idea, come to talk with us. You don't need to be readier than that”