Business Mill's Christmas Greetings 2022

Hyvää Joulua!

The year 2022 has been very busy and a lot has happened. Among the events, the biggest efforts can mention as Open Door -event & IDEARACE business idea competition in April, as well as "Skinnarilan Yritysmarkkinat" and Open House Tour in November. The biggest change in our team happened in the fall when Emma jumped into Mikko's shoes. Emma comments on the new shoes as follows:

"Boots fits well with woolen socks. During the fall, we have planned a lot of nice things for next year.

I would like to remind that there is no small thing or wild idea that is not worth of sparring with our team!"

The number of student ideas and companies has grown significantly. LUTES' importance has been major. In addition, small-scale financial support is still available for student-based teams from "Kv-yrittäjäksi Otsakorven tuella" -project.

The number of collaborations between companies and LUT/LAB has also increased in 2022. We have helped to create many new business concepts and start businesses. And over 50% of customers have been able to use LUT/LAB expertise in some way.

We will publish new case videos in January!


Part of our team is on holiday at Christmas time. You can see the holiday times here:

Eero: 27.12., 30.12., 2.1.-5.1.

Vesa: 27.12.-30.12.

Kaisa: 22.12.-30.12.

Emma is available during the Christmas break. You can find the contact information here and you can send us a message at

During the Christmas break, it is good to think and prepare your business ideas for the IDEARACE competition. We organize the competition together with Lutes and there will be own classes for students and companies. The application period starts on 13.2.. We will provide more detailed instructions at the beginning of the year. So stay tuned! The final event will be in early April!


We wish our customers and partners a Merry Christmas And Successfully year 2023!