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Open House Tour

The Open House Tour event on the Lappeenranta campus aims to bring together the service providers and students interested in entrepreneurship on the campus. In autumn

Open House Tour

Lenax Oy and U-design were chosen as the winners of IDEARACE 2022

The final of the IDEARACE business idea competition was held on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. The event was held at Finnkino IsoKristiina and attracted a large audience
idearace finalistit

IDEARACE final winners are Wiredo and KK Haapaselkä Oy

On Thursday 22 April 2021, the IDEARACE final competition brought together 10 teams that pitched their business ideas. Which teams were awarded?
Idearace winners 2021

Luontoterveyskeskus is the winner of the Pitch It idea race – the competition culminated in an online final event on 6 May 2020

The winner of the first Pitch It idea race in South Karelia is Luontoterveyskeskus. The three jury members particularly highlighted the social significance and mission of
Voittajatiimi etualalla, muut finalistit taustalla

Support for building a team

Multifaceted skills and knowledge are needed within a team. One person can have many skills, but only few people know everything that is necessary to run a startup
FMC:n jäsenet Tommi, Tomi ja Paavo

Privacy policy

We want to take good care of your personal data. Just as we care for our customers.

Business Mill’s concept and strengths

Business Mill provides unique business services. The incubator activities commenced in October 2018. Since then a lot has been going on, and we have launched the
Business Mill’s concept and strengths

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

This article collects the frequently asked questions about Business Mill operations. Whether in the idea, startup or growth stage, your business will benefit from our
Frequently asked questions