From waste to business

3.6.2021 Growth
Thrsty mehu

THRSTY Oy, based in Imatra, has been fighting against waste since 2018 with the business concept of squeezing juice from waste fruit from shops. At present, cooperation with Kesko and the new Hyvis juice boost the growth.

THIRSTY started as a juice press in a small shed in a house yard and has now grown into a real business on a growth path. In a couple of years, the company that started locally has proceeded to making a product that is sold nationwide in K Group’s supermarkets. The Kesko central warehouse delivers bruised but edible fruits, berries and vegetables to the juice press in Vuoksenniska, Imatra. THRSTY squeezes them and bottles the juice which is sold in shops under the Hyvis brand.

Contact to Business Mill opened the doors to the pool of knowledge at LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences

“Through Business Mill, we have got to work together with LUT and LAB in different ways. We got help from marketing students when setting up our website. Also, we are involved in a corporate strategy course”, Laine tells.

Business Mill’s contact person with THRSTY Oy is Jarmo Laukkanen, who has extensive knowledge of and wide networks in the grocery business. He also is the company godfather. In that role, he has the chance to follow up on the development of the company from close.

“It’s the backup of professionals and certain kind of being challenged that is the most important thing. When certain things are in order, we can build the groundwork for the business and cooperation works out well with everyone” – Teemu Laine.

Teemu Laine, one of the THRSTY Oy shareholders, tells on the video about the background of the juice press business and how the company has benefited from cooperation with Business Mill. Also Jarmo Laukkanen, a member of staff at the LAB University of Applied Sciences, describes the cooperation with the company and his role as a company godfather for THRSTY.

Filming and editing: Eetu Karppinen

Text, manuscript and direction: Tiia Puolakka