Rokka Knives Oy

A team of mates started it, Business Mill guided them to the right track

15.1.2020 Start-up
Rokka Knives Oy

Together with a few mates, we were thinking how to get Juho Voutilainen, a product designer, make the move to a full-time entrepreneur. In autumn 2018 Juho met with Mikko Ojapelto, and since then things have gone ahead at a fast pace.

The idea had potential for an international market, which we took as the basis of planning. In September 2018 we had the plan down on paper, and a month later the business was set up. Next, for the internationalization process, Business Mill advised us to apply for Tempo funding from Business Finland.

In order to apply for funding, the entrepreneur must have everything else in order. As Juho says: “Without Business Mill we would not be here. Mikko guided us to the right track. Now there is some sense in what we are doing.” The startup entrepreneur also noted that the business world can be harsh. You must know, with certainty, what to do and when.

Funding is fuel for a business

Business Finland provided the funding, and now Juho has been able to work full time in the business. The aims have been achieved by now; prototypes are in trial phase and the international market surveys have been done.

Now the business is gaining momentum. ”Finance matters may seem boring for entrepreneurs, but funding is the necessary fuel for business”, Juho says.

Mikko has been more of a workmate

”Our cooperation has been smooth and open. Matters have been dealt with in a very good spirit, without any unnecessary choreography. Mikko has, in a good way, held the whip hand. There are things that must be done – I cannot tell Mikko that I haven’t done my part. All in all, Mikko has been more of a workmate”, Juho tells.

"You ask for help and they give it – it is fantastic!"

”The Business Mill expert services are fantastic – you ask for help and they give it. An outsider supporting you makes starting up easier and safer: you can avoid the most obvious pitfalls. The services help to build a startup that will last. An entrepreneur who is entering a fast-growing market should contact Business Mill. If you want to grow and develop your business, talk to them, the sooner the better”, Juho sums up.