DYP International Oy

Business Mill helped DYP International Oy to scale their business

11.3.2020 Growth
Vesa Eskelinen

Vesa Eskelinen, the founder of DYP International Oy, looked for help to scale his business and introduce a new application in the market. Business Mill opened doors at the University Campus to reach students and members of staff, engaging them in cooperation to develop the business operations.

Business Story: DYP International Oy


Vesa Eskelinen runs DYP International Oy, a company he founded in 2014. The primary activity is business consulting, helping clients to develop their business and procurement activities.

-I have more than 20 years of experience in international trade and executive positions, working for companies in various cultural environments, for example in Asia, America and Europe, Eskelinen describes.

Today, Vesa Eskelinen has his home in Lappeenranta, where he and his wife, also an entrepreneur, moved two years ago.

Business Mill helped to find the right resources at the Campus

Vesa Eskelinen contacted Business Mill because he wanted to scale his own business and introduce a new cost accounting application.

In the meetings, one issue to consider were the resources available. The discussion turned to the then Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, today LAB UAS. Students and staff members were contacted and engaged in cooperation with the business

”Our cooperation with Business Mill has been professional, capable, and very smooth. The cooperation with students and other participants, too, has definitely been interesting and instructive for all parties.”

Vesa Eskelinen warmly recommends Business Mill’s services to both new and established businesses that want to develop their operations or grow in the market.

-Possibly we will do more work with Business Mill in the future, and our cooperation on the current project is due to be continued next year, Eskelinen says.

Read more about the company: http://www.dypint.com/