An agile partner for your business

We support your business in all the stages of its life cycle. We do not play a game of table tennis but catch the ball that you throw to us and carry it farther taking your business into the right direction. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will respond!

Business Mill – a key player in connecting growth-seeking businesses with expert advisors

Business Mill offers, free of charge, specialised services, support and expert advice. We are a modern business incubator that provides, first and foremost, practical support for growth and success. Our services are available for all growth-seeking businesses in the South Karelia region, as well as for students and staff in the Skinnarila campus - read more about us in our Frequently asked questions -section. Let's make your business a success story together! 

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Mikko Ojapelto
Mikko Ojapelto
Head of Business Mill

Experienced in seeing the big picture

I always start by assessing the overall situation. Based on that, the client and I together make a plan how to go forward. I have worked as entrepreneur on three occasions, and working in business services has brought me in contact with hundreds of entrepreneurs and teams. I have created a solid experience base, as well as an understanding of the importance of learning new ideas and practices.

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Eero Seppälä
Eero Seppälä
Senior Business Advisor

Insightful advice spiced with experience and not forgetting results

I am an all-rounder in the business world, with experience of working in several countries and markets. Experience brings insight, understanding and, when needed, courage to make creative decisions. Are you brave enough to dream, even the impossible? Do you have the nerve to stick your neck out? Contact us, and we will together embark on an unforgettable journey towards your dream!

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Kaisa Vainikka
Student Agent

An optimistic inspirer pushing your ideas further

I encourage and inspire the students and staff in the Skinnarila Campus to take their business ideas further. Let’s talk together about your ideas and prospects. With my previous experience of marketing as a team entrepreneur, I know the value of a sales-driven approach and choosing the right path – don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Mika Tonder
Mika Tonder
Senior Lecturer, Business Agent

A developer with an entrepreneurial mind

I help businesses to develop their operations by connecting entrepreneurs with the expertise and resources accumulated in the Skinnarila Campus. I have an entrepreneurial background and am running my own business, along with working as lecturer. I want to improve management and leadership, support entrepreneurship, and develop business operations with a human touch.

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Vesa Punkka
Growth Business Agent

A companion in the process of growth – I will design a program that will lead your business to successful growth

Through my various jobs, I have become familiar with South Karelia and the businesses in the region. I will be glad to visit you, and together we can find out what you need to develop your business or your innovation idea lying in a drawer.

This region has a place for developing businesses. Invite us to visit you and let us plan your journey together.

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Tiia Puolakka
Tiia Puolakka
Pillar of Support

A systematic pillar of support and coach

(in maternity leave)

I work together with Kaisa in the support team for Business Mill and at the interface with students.

I have experience, for example, in financial administration, data analytics, B2B customer support, and franchise business. If you are looking for a coach or need support in any of the above areas  – contact me!

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